Pride of India – A R Rahman

A R Rahman deserves all appreciation from one and all for winning two Oscar Awards.He got one award for the best score and another for his song “Jai Ho” from the film “slumdog millionaire” with a speciality in its spirit, a rag-to-riches tale set in the slums of Mumbai. His approach and theme really deserves all admiration since he praised slumdog millionaire’s theme of hope and optimism.A.R.Rehman is the third Indian who could get Oscar awards after Bhanu Athaiya for her work on Gandhi in 1983 and the film Director Satyajit Roy in 1992.We congratulate him on his successful achievement on behalf of 100 crores of Indians and millions of fans around the world. We wish him many more awards in future and long life.

A humble yet ecstatic Rahman dressed in a simple but class black sherwani walked up to the stage and accepted the fruits of his efforts. The OSCAR for best Music Score. This is the first time an Indian has won an Oscar for this category. Technically Resul Pookutty bagged the first award for Sound Mixing. His was announced earlier than Rahman's.

A gleeful Rahman held the bald, shiny statue close to his chest and went up to the mike. He said he was 'excited and terrified'. Apparantly the last time he felt that way was during his marriage!

He went on to say "Mere paas maa hai.." obviously making a reference to Shah Rukh's line in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and pointing out to that fact that his mom was with him. The excitement was clearly written on his face and I'm sure there are a billion other faces that share the same excitement.

He ended his short speech with a sentence in Tamil. "Ella pugazhum Iravanukke" which translates to "All glory to God".

That Rahman is bustling with talent is a no-brainer. It is awards like that bring international recognition. One hopes this is the beginning of a long journey not just for Rahman, but for the scores of other talent that lies deep within the heart of India.

"Ella pugazhum Iravanukke"

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